Osprey Sirrus 36 Pack – Women’s

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Osprey Sirrus 36 is a women’s specific 36 Litre backpack for a day hike.This backpack can load up to 11 Kg which is not too heavy to women and it is featuring with many features to enhance your carrying experience.
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Osprey Sirrus 36 Pack – Women’s

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    4 star review  Good quality .. Fast delivery & good services!!

    Kit Yeap Avatar Kit Yeap
    December 9, 2015

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RM838.00 RM750.00

Osprey Sirrus 36

A women’s specific 36 Litre backpack for a day hike. This backpack can load up to 11 Kg which is not too heavy to women and it is featuring with many features to enhance your carrying experience. Comfort yourself with the ventilated mesh harness and back panel during warm condition and keep your load stable by using the dual upper side compression straps.

If you are looking for secure storage for your essentials, drop them into the two zippered hip belt pockets. There is also a removable sleeping straps for varies external attachment options and you may just remove them to keep light.

Backpack’s features

  • Load up to 11 Kg
  • Dual upper compression straps
  • Trekking pole attachment
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Zippered hip belt pockets
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • Fixed top lid
  • Front panel access
  • Sleeping bag compartment
  • Top load access
  • Backpack’s capacity : 36 Litre

Backpack Sizing

Volume: 36 litre
Weight: 1.45 kg
Size: 66 x 31 x 31 (H x W x D) cm

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Warranty ? Check here -> Osprey All Might Guarantee

2 reviews for Osprey Sirrus 36 Pack – Women’s

  1. Annilyn (verified owner)

    Great Pack, it is perfect size for me so far! And great service from Ken! BTW thanks for the free gift!

    • Outdoor Bag Store (store manager)

      Hi Annilyn, Thank you for your positive feedback! We are happy to know that you like our service. Thanks

  2. OBS (store manager)

    Nurul Q Sanih reviewed Outdoor Bag Store — 5 star

    This is my second bag I bought from them.. Osprey Sirrus 36.. well actually at first I want a stratos 36 but when I do a bit research, I mean a bit deeper I found Sirrus 36 actually for woman.. but I’m not sure yet at that time till the message that I ask them (sorry I don’t know the name, or either woman or man… I’m bad isn’t it? ���) the different between both and has been answered that sirrus for women… thank god, I set on my mind I want that sirrus… but the problem is, the color… ���… seriously, before and this time, I can’t get the color that I want.. ���… I’m not lucky with color… then they suggest me the purple color… ���… well the bag that instock is black and purple… my osprey kyte 66 already black, and I didn’t want the same color for my 2nd bag… well they tried to ask the distributor if there is other color available but it isn’t… poor me isn’t it… because purple is not my favorite color… I can say, that will be my last choices of color… but I need it as soon as I can, so I try my luck with purple ���… thank god the color suits me well hahahaha (he/she said it’s dark purple)… well actually the color is like mangosteen… that’s the only purple color that I can tolerate with ���… sorry fan of the purple color… and the best thing is, the bag has been shipped on Wednesday to Sabah and I got it on Friday… what an awesome fast delivery… I mean I got the bag ���… I’m too happy, because of the service… it’s fast and accurate… I’m satisfied with them, they try to help me to find my favorite bag… it’s really nice of them… a big thumbs up…� ��… recommended ���… well there is no need for me to write up about osprey sirrus 36 isn’t it? ���… everybody knows about that already… thank you very much for an awesome service… ���…


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